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Re: Infinitives and STVI?

On Mar 15,  2:50am, [email protected] wrote:
> He said something like
> "Dujvetz o nuq, rIn" (with no 'e' suffix on the nuq) instead of
> "Dujvetlh 'oH nuq 'e', rIn".  Now I wonder if this was deliberate for
> that particular character, or is Okrand just trying to explain some
> really bad pronunciation?
> Amy

     I mention this only because I've seen Amy make this same error
consistently. When {-'e'} is used as a suffix, it is not preceeded by a
space. This confuses the suffix with the pronoun {'e'} which is a word unto
itself. This should be {Dujvetlh 'oH nuq'e', rIn}.

     I almost hate to mention it because Amy writes so much good stuff. It
seems like a typo, but then she seems to put the space in front of {-'e'}
EVERY time, and it stops looking like a typo and starts looking like an
ongoing misunderstanding...


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