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>From: Will Martin <[email protected]>
>Date: Mon, 14 Mar 94 18:51:14 EST

>On Mar 14,  4:50pm, Captain Krankor wrote:
>> Subject: tu'/tu'lu'
>> Regarding the whole thing about whether tu' is specifically spacial or not:

>> Qu'vaD lI' 'e' Datu'bej
>>      "You will certainly find it useful for the mission"
>> Here we certainly don't mean find in the spacial sense.  I'm pretty
>> positive that we have a canonical example like this, whether I am
>> remember the right one or not.
>>                     --Krankor

Yeah... moreover, even the definition of "tu'" doesn't imply location.
It's defined as "discover, find, observe, notice", not all of which really
need locations.  You can notice something abstract too.


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