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Re: Help, please

> I understand how to use the law' puS construction for things like "She is
> bolder than he is," but what if you want to compare two different qualitative
> states, e.g., how do you construct something like "It is better to be dead
> than to be a slave" or "Klingons are better then Terrans" or (my favorite)
> "Better crippled in body than corrupt in mind"?
> Do you still try to stuff these into the law' puS construction?  It seems to me
>  that to do so would not only make these phrases unneccessarily cumbersome, but
> would fail to translate the *meaning*.  Please help.
> KoSneH

mu'meywIj DalaDqangbe'chugh jabbI'IDvam yIlIj.

I do not see the comparation of two different qualities.
You use 'good/better' in all three cases. I am not sure about my grammar
(pabpo'pu' yIQaH!) but I believe it would come out as

Heghta'ghach QaQ law' toy'taHghach'a' QaQ puS.
	(death is better than slavery)
	(I hate those -ghach-es. Anybody know a better way out? I'd love to
		hear it)

tlhInganpu' QaQ law' tera'nganpu' QaQ puS

porgh lI'be' QaQ law' yab qal QaQ puS
	(Can I do lI'be' useless adjectivally? Can adjectival verbs take be'?
	If not, then lI'be'bogh porgh)

Qapla' qoranvo'

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