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Re: Another Insult

Matt Whiteacrevo':

>A friend of mine proposed this as an insult for a Klingon.  
>reH SuvvIpqu' vavlI' vaj qanmo' Heghpu'
>Your father was always afraid to fight, thus he died of old age.  This 
>would be used similarly to "Your mother has a smooth forehead".

I like the insult, but I am not sure it comes across right.  "Your father is 
always afraid to fight, then he died because he is old."  I would recast a 
little bit:

	reH SuvvIpqu'mo' vavlI', Heghpu'DI', qan.
	"Because your father was afraid to fight, when he died, he was old."

Actually, I seem to recall from somewhere that dying old among Klingons was 
actually considered something of an honour... after all, you had to be pretty 
tough and cunning to survive THAT long in their society...  Or should I be 
saying our?  Hm....

--HoD trI'Qal
  tlhwD lIy So'

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