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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq vIyIn?

*** Beginner ***

Matt Whiteacrevo':

>peDDaq <ski> 'e' vIghajbe'
>'ach <Texas>Daq vInIDlaHbe'law'
>cha'Hu' HurDaq <swim> puqbe'pu'
>bIQ wItujmoHbe'bej 'e' ta' muD

qab tujbogh bIQ 'e' vIHarbe'.
qabqu'bej bIQ bIr.
'ach "swim"chaj lutIv puqpu'lI' qar'a'?

I see that the obvious error with <ghaj> was caught, so I will not re-iterate 
it.  Everything else in this is fine, but there is a comment I want to make 
about the last sentence.  Until I read your English translation, I wasn't 
exactly certain what you were saying.  What you wrote comes out as "The 
weather accomplished that we certainly didn't heat the water."  That is a bit 
vague to me.  How did the weather accomplish it?  Was it so cold, you couln't 
make the water clear enough?  Not likely, as I know you are in Texas. {{:)  By 
context your meaning was clear (after a bit of thought), so it is okay, but I 
would almost recommend, for clarity, breaking this into two seperate 
sentences: bIQ wItujmoHbe'bej. 'ach 'e' ta' muD.  "We certainly didn't heat 
the water.  But the weather did."  I think that is a bit closer to what you 
intended.  This is only a suggestion.  Also, your English version of your 
second-to-last line said "daughters" not just "children."  I trust that this 
was what you meant, and were just not translating literally (which is fine); I 
am only pointing it out in case it turns out that this *wasn't* what you 
intended. {{:)


I don't believe that water which is hot is bad.
Cold water certainly is!
Your children did enjoy their swim, though, didn't they?

--HoD trI'Qal

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