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Re: KLBC: nuqDaq vIyIn?


My apologies for taking so long with some of these translations.  I 
experienced some network problems while visiting in Alabama.  I am back home 
now, and should not have any more difficulties.  As a result, some of what I 
may mention in my replies to your posts as I catch up today and tomorrow may 
have already been touched upon.  I apologize for this.


><New York>Daq jIyIntaH.
>naDev peD 'ej SIS.
>DaHjaj ram SISghach taDchoH.
>DaHjaj ram 'o'wIjDaq wejlogh jIpumpu', jIyIttaHvIS.
>ghorDaq chuch vImuS.
>'ach peDghach vImuSHa'.
>peDlu'DI' jI<ski> 'ej jIyItbe'.
>jI<ski> 'e' vImuSHa'qu'.
>DaH yap vIghItlhpu'.
>chaq DaH jIQongchoH.
>Qapla' QIchqemwI'vo'.

chuch vImuSqu' je.
"New York" chuch law' law' naDev chuch law' puS 'e' vIQub.
  (There is  hint on this in my notes  --tQ)
bIQDaq jI"ski", 'ach not bIQDaq jI"ski".
'e' vInIDnIS'a'?

This was a very nice response to my initial question!  I liked that you used 
<ghor> for "ground."  Very nice!  The use of -ghach has been highly questioned 
on th list as far as it's use on bare verb stems, but I am not going to say 
that your use of it here is wrong (mainly because it IS a debated topic).  
There was one error in all of this.  You used <yap> as a noun or an adjective 
(I'm not an English majour, so I couldn't tell you).  I would recommend a 
slight re-wording:  DaH yap ghItlhwIj  "Now my manuscript is enough."  This is 
cause some confusion, so other re-wordings might be a bit better:  DaH yap 
mu'meywIj "Now my words are enough." or perhaps even DaH ghItlhwIj vIta'ta'  
"Now I have accomplished my manuscript".

Hint on my second line:  Look at it as the law'/puS comparative construction.  
I know it was a very confusing sentence!


I also hate ice!
I think that New York gets more ice than here.
I ski on water, but not on land.
Should I try it?

--HoD trI'Qal

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