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Re: "latlh" and "Hoch"

     Instead of depending so much on latlh, trying to get it to be an
adjective, why not use {pIm}?

          HoD pIm vIjatlh

     I talk to the different captain.

     If you don't like that, then how about:

          HoD rapbe' vIjatlh

     "I talk to the not-same captain." I know there is at least one example
in CK of {-be'} applied to a verb being used adjectivally just yesterday.

     {latlh} is a great word. It is very useful in many ways. Trying to strap
it to another noun is universally awkward, except in cases like my recent
post to the beginners when I really wanted a noun-noun construction meaning
"data transmissions of other persons" and used {latlhpu' jabbI'IDmey}. It
isn't really an adjective.

     I enjoyed the contribution joy'wI' made to alternatives to using {Hoch}
so much. Very clever. I'll work on that. I've been a proponent of ~mark's
style of use of {Hoch} with other nouns and will probably continue to use it
that way some of the time, but I rather like this new perspective.


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