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Re: tu'/tu'lu'

On Mar 14,  4:50pm, Captain Krankor wrote:
> Subject: tu'/tu'lu'
> Regarding the whole thing about whether tu' is specifically spacial or not:
> I seem to recall a canonical example that indicates it is not, but
> I'll have to go home and check my tape to verify.  In strek III, I
> believe Valkris, refering to the Genesis tape says something along
> the lines of:
> Qu'vaD lI' 'e' Datu'bej
>      "You will certainly find it useful for the mission"
> Here we certainly don't mean find in the spacial sense.  I'm pretty
> positive that we have a canonical example like this, whether I am
> remember the right one or not.
>                     --Krankor

     Aye, aye, cap'n. I remember that line quite well because the subtitle
did not say "for the mission" and I originally mistook the beginning to be
{Qu'vatlh} and was trying to figure out why she was so upset...

     Of course, this is one of those match-the-English-lip-movements lines
when Okrand was under undue stress to artificially pump up the syllable count
to prevent the lip-flap effect common to dubbed foreign films. Still, it is
canon and arguably less strange than some of Valkris's other lines.

     Good of you to remember this to illustrate your point.


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