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Re: Narrative "tense"

On Mar 14,  5:02pm, Captain Krankor wrote:
> Subject: Re: Narrative "tense"
> " we come to this high bridge, and just past the bridge is a little
> turn off area with a big tourist map and a you-are-here sign.  So we pull
> over to check it out, and we realize that by now we're two-thirds of the
> way across the state!  Now, we had this friend, John Lipinski-- we called
> him
> "Lippy"-- who lived in North Adams (or so we thought), and was home that
> weekend, so we figured, hey, we're already this far, why not continue on
> and go see Lippy!  So we keep going... by now it's getting to be late 
> Sunday afternoon..."


     Sounds great. Now I want to hear the rest of the story. Could you swing
it in Klingon? (Heh, heh. Any takers on a bet that he won't be able to resist
the challenge?)


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