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Other nations

jatlh ghuyDo' wa':

> What I would really really really really REALLY like to see is use of
> tlhIngan Hol *outside* the English-speaking community.
> International/interlinguistic communication in tlhIngan Hol would greatly
> enrich and expand our understanding of the language. Has anyone done anything
> in the way of putting together a book designed to explain tlhIngan Hol to
> speakers of other Terran languages? Would this violate some sort of
> copyright? (I wouldn't think so, since it seems impossible to copyright a
> language, even an artificial one).


[England]ngan jIHbe'. *QoweySa'*Daq (Croatia) jIyIn.
jabbI'ID law'be' vIghItlh, 'ach tlhIngan Hol jIghojqu' 'ej jabbI'IDmeyraj
	jIlaD 'e' vItIvqu'.

(of course, it's still Indoeuropean, so it might not be something, but...)


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