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re-commend (was affixes (was Re: KBLC- jIbeplaw))

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Another annoying Okrandism is his {naDqa'} for "recommend" in the addendum
4.2.9. In this particular word, the "re-" does not mean the same thing as
{-qa'} anymore. It's meaning has become archaic, and survives quite
stubbornly in this one word. Plus, we have {chup} for "recommend, suggest."

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Okrand didn't translate naDqa' as "recommend".  He wrote

     naDqa'ghach  re-commendation (naDqa' commend again)
     [deleting the erroneous extra apostrophe]

The hyphen makes it clear that he meant us to use the productive
English prefix "re" 'again', producing

     "re-commendation" (pronounced Ree-kom-un-DAY-shun),
      meaning 'act of commending/praising again'


     "recommendation" (Rek-u-men-DAY-shun), meaning 'act of

- marqem

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