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Re: Qaghqoq


>I personally believe that we as (mostly) native English speakers are much too
>much English-oriented in our speaking/writing of tlhIngan Hol. Even several
>people who seem quite skilled in using the language feel they have to resort
>to translating all the Hol they see before they attempt to digest it. It is
>much much much much much better for the learning process to try NOT to
>translate, but to think directly in the language. Progress is sometimes a bit
>slower this way, but in the end, one comes out with a resoundingly better
>understanding of the language.

Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely!  Thinking in the language is the
only way to go, with any language.

>For example, one might know the word {qoH} but not {Dogh}.
>Saying {qoH ghaH} is just a rather redundant and less Klingonesque way to say

In your opinion.  This is not proven fact.  It is an issue of style,
and as such is speculative and subjective.  Now, mind you, I agree
to a large extent with the kind of style you are arguing for, even
if I have not yet entirely succeeded in putting it into practice in
my own usage.  But at the same time, it's just opinion, and I see
no basis for bashing someone if they say qoH ghaH.  We certainly
agree that the premise this-is-how-its-done-in-English-so-it-must-be-
the-same-way-in-Klingon is totally bogus.  But at the same time, one
is on quite shakey ground to claim this-is-how-its-done-in-English-so-
it-must-NOT-be-the-same-way- in-Klingon.  Until and unless we know
for sure, people have to make their own best judgements about style.

However, it is certainly indisputable that it is a Good Thing(tm)
for one to have the knowledge to know that such a choice is
possible.  If one chooses qoH ghaH because they like that style,
that's one thing; if they choose it by default because they simply
didn't know about Dogh, that's another thing entirely.

Personally, my own usage would be contextual; in my mind, qoH ghaH
is much more strongly derogatory.  Dogh, to me, implies that, right
now, at present, he's acting foolish, whereas qoH ghaH says something
fundamental about his nature.  It implies:  he is a fool, he's
always been a fool, he'll always be a fool.  But this is just my
take, not proven fact.

>BTW, has anyone read or even started reading my William Tell story? I would
>very much like feed-back on it.

My apologies, I seem to have lost it.  Care to email me another copy?
[email protected]

>What I would really really really really REALLY like to see is use of
>tlhIngan Hol *outside* the English-speaking community.
>International/interlinguistic communication in tlhIngan Hol would greatly
>enrich and expand our understanding of the language. Has anyone done anything
>in the way of putting together a book designed to explain tlhIngan Hol to
>speakers of other Terran languages? Would this violate some sort of
>copyright? (I wouldn't think so, since it seems impossible to copyright a
>language, even an artificial one).

Funny you should mention this-- just last night I was proposing to a
French friend of mine, who knows a few words of Klingon, that he
should bone up on the language and do up the first Klingon/French
dictionary.  I don't think he's gonna take me up on it, though.


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