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Re: KLBC: More Exercise



>tugh jInmolwIjmo' vIvumta'

This didn't come out the way you wanted.  What you actually have here is
more like "I accomplished working because of my project soon," which makess
no sense.  There is a verb for "to finish, to accomplish," <rIn>.  I would
simply recast this using it:

	tugh jInmolwIj vIrIn

"I will finish my project soon."  Notice that you do not need to include
any tense marker on the verb, because <tugh> does that for you.  Does this
make more sense?

>Qapla'Heyvammo' jIQuch

maj!  QaQ mu'tlheghvam!

>muqaDbe'pu' Qu'wIj

majQa'!  QaQ je mu'tlheghvam!


Good!  This sentence is good!

Well done!  This sentence is also good!

--HoD trI'Qal

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