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Klingon Summer Camp Information

I'm passing this note on from the Interstellar Language School
(see address and phone number below).

    NOTE: I'm not affiliated with the program, and while I'm
    able to pass on questions and maybe answer some, the address
    and phone number below are your best and most direct source
    for information.

  Here's your chance to learn the language of warriors!

	     1994  Klingon Language Camps

	      Red Lake Falls, Minnesota

	 Adult Klingon Camp
	 Sunday, July 10 - Friday, July 15

	 This one-week camp will be similar to the successful
	 1993 camp.  Top notch teaching staff will guide
	 students in small group instruction.  Five lessons per
	 day.  Afternoon and evening recreational activities and
	 programs.  Most meals provided.  Minimum age is 16 for
	 this week only.

	 Klingon Festival
	 Friday, July 15-Sunday, July 17

	 A weekend of gala festivities:  Great Klingon Softball
	 Wars, Great Klingon Volleyball Wars, Naval Battles
	 (tubing on the scenc Red Lake River), Golf Tournament,
	 Klingon Poetry Contest, and many other activities.  The
	 Klingon Festival will be co-sponsored by the Klingon
	 Assault Group.

	 Family & Children's Camp
	 Monday, July 18-Saturday, July 23
	 This week will be dedicated to children (ages 9 and
	 below must be accompanied by an adult), adults with
	 childrren and adults without children (primarily adults
	 continuiing from Week I)

	 Children's Camp
	 Sunday, July 24-Friday, July 29
	 This is a continuation of the Family & Children's Camp
	 from the previous week or may be a separate one-week
	 experience for children ages 10-16.  Age-appropriate
	 activities and supervision are also provided.


	  One week program:  $350.00.  Includes all meals except
	  on special events such as restaurant night or pub
	  night.  Non-meal rate: $300.00

	  Festival Fees are to be announced.

	   For further Information:

			  Interstellar Language School
			  P.O. Box 281
			  Red Lake Falls, MN   56750	 USA
			  (218) 253-4149



      SPECIAL!	10% discount if total prepaid by April 1st, 1994
		 5% discount if total prepapid by May 1st, 1994

      Additional $25 discount if proven membership in KLI or KAG
      as of February 1st, 1994

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