tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Wed Mar 09 06:01:17 1994

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Here is something to bounce arround :
We have a word for breathe - tlhuH, but for the sake of clearity how
would one distinguish "inhale" from "exhale"?
inhale                                 exhale
'el tlhuH                              juH tlhuH
'eltlhuH                               juHtlhuH
tlhuH                                  tlhuHHa'
'el ghoSbogh tlhuH                     juHbogh tlhuH
tlhuH 'el                              tlhuH juH

tlhuH /  tlhuHHa' has some interesting implications. 
Having done this little exercise I prefer the last suggestions.
Please note the Play-on-words for "wheeze"  tlhov  ("wheeze" is not 
listed in the E => K section of TKD)
David "Dharma Dog" Barron

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