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On Tue  8 Mar 94 03:17, Mark E. Shoulson writes:
> Showing respect is one thing, saying something that isn't the case is
> another.  It's only derogatory to use "-wIj" when "-wI'" would be
> correct, something I don't believe is the case here.  We may have
> respect for our Empire, but it's still "wo'maj".
The empire consists of more than just people.. it is also the
territory and other possesions.
> I might respect my
> favorite book, but saying anything other than "paqwIj" would make the
> listeners scratch their ridges in puzzlement.  In PK, a compliment is
> paid: "DojneS mIplIj" (Your wealth is impressive, your honor).  Would
I didn't say that respect for non-sentient objects like a book
would use -wI'.
> *normal* terms for non-speaking objects.  Families, too, are considered
> collections of people, not people themselves.  Families aren't born,
> they don't die, they don't speak (do they have high voices or low
> voices?  What's their handwriting like?). It is their *members* that
> do all these things.
But families *can* speak!  Though it may be the eldest who does the
speaking as a representative.  A familiy can also die if all
members die at the same time.  Why should there be no respect for the
family just because they are together as a group instead of
individuals?  I haven't seen any proof yet the Klingons don't view it
in this way.  I'm prepared to go either way on this if there ever
is a canon example.  I just was trying to see it from a more
Klingon point of view.

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