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>From: [email protected]
>Date: Mon,  7 Mar 94 15:04:20 -0800

>I also had to ponder this when translating "my family" and I chose to
>use {qorDu'wI'}.  Although you're right about there not being
>anything about this in TKD, I feel that in this case, what's true of
>the part is also true of the whole.  Showing respect for the "family"
>would be the Klingon thing to do.

Showing respect is one thing, saying something that isn't the case is
another.  It's only derogatory to use "-wIj" when "-wI'" would be correct,
something I don't believe is the case here.  We may have respect for our
Empire, but it's still "wo'maj".  I might respect my favorite book, but
saying anything other than "paqwIj" would make the listeners scratch their
ridges in puzzlement.  In PK, a compliment is paid: "DojneS mIplIj" (Your
wealth is impressive, your honor).  Would anyone claim that "disrespect" is
being paid to the honored one's wealth by calling it "-lIj"?  Of course
not, this whole thing is a compliment!  I don't dishonor your flag by
calling it "joqwI'lIj" or your coat of arms by calling it "DeghlIj"; these
are *correct* and *normal* terms for non-speaking objects.  Families, too,
are considered collections of people, not people themselves.  Families
aren't born, they don't die, they don't speak (do they have high voices or
low voices?  What's their handwriting like?). It is their *members* that do
all these things.



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