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>From: "Matt Gomes" <[email protected]>
>Date: 8 Mar 1994 11:42:37 -0800

>jatlh charghwI':

>>      Considering potentially useful sentences for this summer, I wonder if
>> the following is the best phrasing for what I want to ask a room full of
>> students:

>>      choyaj SoH 'ar?

>Sorry that this is comming from a beginner, but, if you're talking to
>a room-full of students, wouldn't you use "you (pl)"?

>So, it would look like this...

>tuyaj tlhIH 'ar?

I think once Krankor said something about accepting "SoH" in a case like
this for reasons I don't fully understand.  Me, I'd stick with "tlhIH", as
mat recommends.

"tuyaj tlhIH 'ar" works okay for me, tho there may be arguments about how
"'ar" should do other things with pronouns (like maybe "*'arra'" as if it
were a noun.  But "'ar" is *not* noted as a noun, so I don't think that's
right.)  You could also do other recastings, like "yajwI' 'ar tu'lu'?" or

>> charghwI'



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