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Re: Qaghqoq

On Mon  7 Mar 94 08:42, Will Martin writes:

> Interesting point. More accurately, I think it is a point
> unaddressed in TKD. If a family is not capable of using language,
> though its members are capable of using language because the group
is a
> different kind of noun than an individual, then any other group of
> jatlhwI'pu' would similarly not receive the jalthwI' possessive
> suffixes. Hmm. Then it would seem that "my brothers" should be
> "loDnI'pu'wIj", which sounds pretty derrogatory to me. It is also
> because one suffix says they can speak while the other says they

> Then again, "loDnI'mey" is not derrogatory. It just means that
> the brothers are scattered all over the place. Meanwhile "loDnI'wIj"
> derrogatory. I'd hedge my bets and say {qorDu'wI'}. Families are
> easily disturbed by misunderstandings, and I prefer to err toward
> excessive respect.
> charghwI'

I also had to ponder this when translating "my family" and I chose to
use {qorDu'wI'}.  Although you're right about there not being
anything about this in TKD, I feel that in this case, what's true of
the part is also true of the whole.  Showing respect for the "family"
would be the Klingon thing to do.


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