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Re: Including Translations

>> Subj:	RE: Including Translations
>> => >Do you want me to start including the terran translations for everything 
>> => >send to you?  Will that help you?  It isn't a problem...
>> 	I have mixed feelings about this.  Although its nice to see the
>> translation, it is also worth the effort to work toward the answers before
>> seeing them.
>> 	Why not put out the tlhIngan Hol,  and then later on post the 
>> translations to give us some time to work it out.
>I would suggest writing the tlhIngan Hol, and then some kind of 
>warning, such as ---ENGLISH TRANSLATION BELOW!!---, and then follow 
>with the translation.  I'm against double posts of the kind you 
>suggest, qor, because of the volume of mail I already receive!
>> 	Qapla'
>> 	 -qor

Another possibility that deserves consideration would be for the
poster to have the English translation on hand but not post it.
Those desiring to see it could send private mail and request it--
presumably after they have taken some time to work through it on
their own.  It seems to me that this serves the dual goal of keeping
list traffic down and making people think a little before giving
them the answer.  {{:-)  I'll admit that it makes a little more work
for the poster, but we also might gain some stats on how many people
really *want* the translation.  If posters find they are simply
deluged with requests for the translation, we could change the
strategy.  Thoughts?


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