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>From: Will Martin <[email protected]>
>Date: Thu, 3 Mar 94 13:42:41 EST

>Interesting point. Essentially, {vIH} can take indirect objects, but not
>direct ones, though Klingon does not differentiate between them the way
>English does. I do see a difference between {vIH} and the other locative
>verbs. An infant lying on its back, squirming may be said to {vIH}, but it is
>not necessarily moving along a path from origin to destination the way things
>which walk, fly, etc. do. That's why I see it fitting into this class of
>verbs only some of the time, and then a bit more tenuously. When the pathway
>is the significant point of the motion, {ghoS} is probably a better

Hee.  Had to comment on this.  There's canonical edidence for charghwI''s
contention about a squirming infant being said to vIH even though it
doesn't ghoS.  I just remembered in CK, in the restaurant scene, where the
patron says "the serpent-worms are moving"... "vIH qagh".  And certainly
qagh move like an infant... squirming and wriggling but not really going
anywhere, at least all the ones I've seen on the shows.



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