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Re: a better translation for the "revenge" proverb

On Feb 28,  5:33pm, Erich Schneider wrote:
> Subject: a better translation for the "revenge" proverb
> For "revenge is a dish best served cold":
> bortaS jabnISlu'chugh, nay' bIrjaj.
> I assume I have done "-jaj inversion" correctly here?
> -QumpIn 'avrIn

     I like what you did, though it fails to make clear to me that {nay'} and
{bortaS} are the same thing. "If one must serve revenge, may the dish be
cold." Okrand's example may be said to suffer the same problem, but for no
reason I can clearly state, I'm not so sure. Mostly, this goes to show that
Okrand had a REASON for making it so weird in the first place. There may be a
cleaner way to say what he wanted, but it is unlikely to be easily found. 


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