tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Mon Feb 28 20:57:27 1994

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Well, all, news, news, news...

Or words, words, words, as the Bard might say. {{:-)

I am moving, starting today, o joy of joys and rapture of raptures. Yep, 
moving from my cozy little home of Charlotte, NC to Hackensack NJ. Before 
anyone chokes, it's for a better, higher paying job, and my mate gets a 
higher-paying job as well, so it seemed like a Good Thing(TM) to do.

Fears about going from being a southerer to a northerner..again? Naah, 
I.. ..tlhIngan jIH! I fear nothing. (Yah, right..)

Anyway, for at least the next two weeks, all mail to me will continue to 
go to my joyleaf account, but @char, if any of you have my shale address 
currently. I can also now be reached at [email protected], if you want 
to contact me there. 

I will post my snailmail address to thosefor those who might need it when 
I know wht it is for certain.

The long and short of it is, while I'm moving, I'm not disappearing, 
so... I'll be around..quiet as always. {{:-)



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