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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] keeping "KLI folklore" words in word lists

De'vID (

On 17 December 2014 at 00:28, Anthony Appleyard
<> wrote:
> Pleasae, where can I get {boQwI'}?

For Android:
(the app itself)
(the Text-To-Speech extension)

Android apps are actually coming to Chrome soon. (See:

{boQwI'} can run on Chrome using a hacked version of the app runtime
for Chrome called ARChon. So you can run {boQwI'} on Windows, OS X,
and Chrome OS. This is only for the more technically-inclined, but
anyone who wants to do this and needs help, feel free to email me
off-list. Links: (main
package and instructions are here)
(click on the latest zip file, then the "view raw file" link to
download it)

It's a long shot, but you can vote for Android apps that you want to
see officially supported for Chrome here:

If you want to see {boQwI'} in the Chrome web store, so that it's easy
to install on any device with the non-mobile version of the Chrome
browser, please vote. :-)


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