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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] keeping "KLI folklore" words in word lists

PICHLMANN Christoph ( [KLI Member]

I'm not sure if you're being serious or just trying to ridicule the discussion - at least my side of it.

In any case, there should a noticeable difference between words or sentences that have been coined spontaneously (likely unintentional) and intentionally trying to create non-existant words by just taking letters and combining them.

I don't think the latter should be taken into any list, NOR do I think the former should be classified as any form of canon, expanded or otherwise.
But if it's reasonable to expect that people will come across the word, then there should be a place for them to find information about it.
"It" being the "klingon" word, not the english equivalent (no word, hence no translation).

A place to find information are sources like boQwI'. Or maybe the KLI, though I think it's less known than boQwI'.
Trying to find non-klingon words, or even klingon words on the net is a rather useless task.

Let's take "tlhoqo' " as an example - I just searched for it (using Google). Judging by the results I got, I have no way to know if it is canon or not, because no source explicitely says either way. I also have no idea what it might mean because there's not explanation, just a few pages offering me to learn how to pronounce it.

boQwI' also doesn't list it, neither does - so what is the conclusion I'm supposed to draw from that? Magically infer that it is a non-canon slang word that was invented by someone some time ago?
Or assume that both sources are outdated/incomplete?

Sure, only 471 results have been given for the word, but what's that to mean? It could be a word rarely used, or a canon slang-word that no one really uses either.

Interestingly, one result that seems like it would explain what the word means (Yahoo Groups) contains the word in the preview but not if you open the page itself...

Another result, only contains

Randy Kloko

tlhoqo' ghaH...

which doesn't really help either.

To answer the question "where does it stop" - the second question must be "where does it start" ?
It would be useless to list any facetious use of a made-up word, but at the same time words that are spread should be contained (as in reined in) somewhere - ignoring them doesn't help.

I'd even go so far to intentionally list "words" that broken translators produce and mark them as wrong, perhaps explain why.
If I enter a non-klingon word into google, it would be nice if the first results contained an explanation that it is not canon and why, not help on pronunciation of the word, with perhaps half a page of results down some casual remark in a discussion group that the word isn't real.
I know no one can control google directly, but hiding the word isn't going to bring attention to the fact that it's not canon.

So yeah, maybe I would list " 'ughabugha " with the explanation of "Non-canon word facetiously made up on the spot by SuStel to ridicule an argument made on the KLI mailing list".

Perhaps use google as an indicator - as soon as google finds a non-canon word, put up a warning sign somewhere so google can pick up that as well.

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Okay, I would like to add {'ughabugha} "make a point, present an argument" to the non-canonical word list. I have said this word.

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