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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] keeping "KLI folklore" words in word lists

De'vID (

> Short answer:
> Why so complicated, making types of canon?
> If it comes from Okrand, then include it in your list.

Actually, you've convinced me. I'll mark everything Okrand has vetted
from DeCandido (per the qepHom interview) as canon in {boQwI'}.

It's not 100% as simple as that. Okrand once gave someone the official
Klingon spelling of his Klingon name, and then proceeded to use that
name in example sentences that clarified other words, but I didn't add
the name to {boQwI'} because it's someone's name (and I didn't have
his permission). Okrand also retroactively approved, in a general
sense, the terminology used for Google's Blockly April Fools' joke. He
told me that Maltz was surprised to see that we knew some of the
terminology used by Klingons for math and programming. But until he
says specifically which terms (which he probably won't), I'm not
adding them to {boQwI'} as canon. So the situation is 99.999...% like
you say, and that's good enough and makes things a lot simpler from my

> And how do you know it's from Star Trek anyway? Here's your first mistake:
> K'ratak was NOT invented by DeCandido, the name has been mentioned in a TNG
> episode. Also the book he had written, mentioned by DeCandido, {qul naj}
> "dream of fire", though not said in klingon.

Thanks for pointing this out, I'll add those to {boQwI'} as canon.

>> "Wa'joh'a', the first Klingon god", because it isn't Star Trek canon,

> It's not star trek canon either that klingons have six days in a week, or
> used to count til three, but we accept it anyway, because we have a
> different sort of "canon": Marc Okrand.

Okay, I'll add {wa'jo''a'} and deal with the fallout of having annoyed
Trekkies email me to tell me I'm wrong. :-)

Incidentally, I find it interesting that Okrand changed the spelling
of what's obviously intended to be {joH} to {jo'}.

> Okrand is like a filter to me: everything that has passed his mind is
> klingon worth learning.

btw, what's the canon status of the Klingon in the Haynes manual?
That's another example like DeCandido where Star Trek authors
attempted to use Okrandian Klingon, and it was actually mostly good
but had some errors, and the book was in general "vetted" by Okrand.


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