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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] keeping "KLI folklore" words in word lists

De'vID (

On 16 December 2014 at 20:38,  <> wrote:
> As a person who once maintained the New Words List and has been long outspoken against people making up words, I find it deeply ironic that the word {tlhoqo’} has arisen from the grave, proving my point about how dangerous it is to make up new Klingon words if your name isn’t Marc Okrand. It was a joke. It never was a “real” word. It never was meant to be a real word.

Just to be absolutely clear, {tlhoqo'} has not arisen from the grave.
It is not actually found in any Klingon word lists. I brought it up as
a hypothetical to contrast it with *{pabpo'}, which *was* in my word


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