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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] new vocabulary: theatres and auditoriums, Genesis and The Big Bang Theory

SuStel (

On 3/19/2015 8:50 AM, Lieven wrote:
Am 17.03.2015 um 18:06 schrieb MorphemeAddict:
Is there any difference in stress or accentuation or intonation in
Klingon between compounds and simple phrases of the same words,
comparable to the difference between English "blackbird" vs. "black

We do not know much about stress in Klingon at all, but I think I would
stress noun-noun constructions different than compound nouns.

It's hard to find examples quickly. I think in two syllable words, each
syllable may be stressed equally (toDSaH, tlharghDuj, veqlargh), also
with compund nouns (puchpa', toDDuj, SuyDuj).

Okrand pronounces {toDSaH} with stress on the {SaH} and {veqlargh} with stress on the {veq}. He gives stress to the {pa'} of {puchpa'}. (CK, PK, CK)

I would always give stress to {tlhargh}, {toD} and {Suy} in {tlharghDuj, toDDuj, SuyDuj}. In general, it's probably acceptable to treat compound nouns as if they were separate nouns for the purpose of pronouncing them, with stress on the genitive noun.

For complex nouns that aren't compound nouns (e.g., {toDSaH}), it's best to stress the final syllable, as suggested in TKD.

Most verbs are monosyllabic and are stressed over their suffixes, except when a suffix has a glottal stop.

In any word with a glottal stop, stress nearly always falls on the syllable with the glottal stop.

Here's an example of how I would pronounce a certain passage. Syllables with primary stress are ALL CAPS; all other syllables are lower case. The sound {Q} is notated as {qh} or {QH} to distinguish from {q/Q}. {'} remains unchanged.

   TAH PAGH tahBE'. DAH MU'tlheghvam viQELnis.
   quv'A', YABdaq SAN VAQH CHA, PU' je siqhDI'?
   PAGH, SENG biqh'A'hey SUVmeh NUHmey suqDI',
   'EJ, suvMO', RINmohDI'? HEGH. QHONG—QHONG neh—
   'ej qhongDI', TIQ 'OY', WA'saNID daw''E' je
   CHO'nisbogh PORGHdaj RINmohlah net HAR.


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