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[Tlhingan-hol] new vocabulary: theatres and auditoriums, Genesis and The Big Bang Theory

De'vID (

I received some information from Maltz about theatres and auditoriums,
Genesis and The Big Bang Theory. This information was originally going
to appear on the Festival of the Spoken Nerd DVD, but we made the
editorial decision to leave English names untranslated, with the
result that these words won't appear in Klingon on the DVD. And since
they're not actually on the DVD, I can release them now.

First, the word for "theatre":

--- begin quote ---
{muchpa'} is fine for "theater" (or "theatre"), but a better
translation might be "auditorium."  Maltz agreed with your observation
that it's kind of close to {puchpa'}, but he said that, given his
viewing of Terran plays and movies, that might be apt and it didn't
bother him at all.  If "Bloomsbury Theatre" refers to the whole
building -- auditorium, lobby, dressing rooms, {puchpa'mey}), not just
the room where the performance takes place, he'd go with {much qach}.
--- end quote ---

There's also this information about the Big Bang theory, and the show
of the same name:

--- begin quote ---
The Big Bang -- meaning the start of the universe -- is, as you once
hypothesized, {qa'vam}, the word used by Klingons for the Genesis
device.  {qa'vam} is perhaps best defined as "origin of everything" or
"start of it all" or the like.  Maltz said you could say {qa'vam nger}
"Big Bang Theory," but he thought that was weird -- the start of it
all isn't a theory, he said -- it's just the start of it all.  If one
thinks the start of it all was a big explosion and that's a theory,
then {qa'vam nger} could mean "the theory of how everything began,"
but the Klingon phrase doesn't contain the notion of explosion.  For
the TV Show -- whether to translate it or use the English -- that's up
to you.
--- end quote ---

That said, there are four new words on the DVD itself. (One of them is
like {muchpa'}/{much qach} in that it's a compound from words we
already know, but three are completely new.)


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