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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] new vocabulary: theatres and auditoriums, Genesis and The Big Bang Theory

De'vID (

On 16 March 2015 at 22:38, Lieven <> wrote:
> Cool - where's the like button?  ;-)
> I'm pretty sure we can use {muchpa'} as well for going to the "movie
> theatre".

ghaytan {HaSta muchpa'} luyaj tlhInganpu'

> And even if these are "only" compound nouns of words we already know, at
> least we have canon definitions for these now.
> BTW, it makes me wonder again why there's a space in one word, and none in
> the other, but then I remember Okrand telling me that the Klingon language
> has always been intended to be a spoken language, and he didn't really care
> ybout space or no space in compound words.

We don't know how Klingons would write these words, but there is some
consistency to attaching {pa'} to types of rooms in the Latin
transcription: {jolpa'}, {Qulpa'}, {vutpa'}, {mebpa'}, {puchpa'}, and
now {muchpa'}. However, {'uQ pa'} is the exception, although that was
given as an ad hoc example. On the other hand, consider that English
has "bathroom" (one word), but "living room" (two words). There's no
reason Klingon has to be consistent in having/not having a space
before {-pa'}.

On 17 March 2015 at 02:02, nIqolay Q <> wrote:
> Is this basically confirmation that "much" is also a noun for
> "performance"? (Or, at least, that it has the same breadth of meaning
> that "presentation" does in the phrase "feature presentation"?) I
> always suspected as much. (Err, so to speak.)

{much} v. present, perform (music)
{much} n. presentation

I think there was already a strong case based on the definitions that
the noun sense of {much} means anything which can be the object of the
verb {much}. The new evidence corroborates this.


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