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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] new vocabulary: theatres and auditoriums, Genesis and The Big Bang Theory

nIqolay Q (

Is this basically confirmation that "much" is also a noun for
"performance"? (Or, at least, that it has the same breadth of meaning
that "presentation" does in the phrase "feature presentation"?) I
always suspected as much. (Err, so to speak.)

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 5:18 PM, De'vID <> wrote:
> I received some information from Maltz about theatres and auditoriums,
> Genesis and The Big Bang Theory. This information was originally going
> to appear on the Festival of the Spoken Nerd DVD, but we made the
> editorial decision to leave English names untranslated, with the
> result that these words won't appear in Klingon on the DVD. And since
> they're not actually on the DVD, I can release them now.
> First, the word for "theatre":
> --- begin quote ---
> {muchpa'} is fine for "theater" (or "theatre"), but a better
> translation might be "auditorium."  Maltz agreed with your observation
> that it's kind of close to {puchpa'}, but he said that, given his
> viewing of Terran plays and movies, that might be apt and it didn't
> bother him at all.  If "Bloomsbury Theatre" refers to the whole
> building -- auditorium, lobby, dressing rooms, {puchpa'mey}), not just
> the room where the performance takes place, he'd go with {much qach}.
> --- end quote ---
> There's also this information about the Big Bang theory, and the show
> of the same name:
> --- begin quote ---
> The Big Bang -- meaning the start of the universe -- is, as you once
> hypothesized, {qa'vam}, the word used by Klingons for the Genesis
> device.  {qa'vam} is perhaps best defined as "origin of everything" or
> "start of it all" or the like.  Maltz said you could say {qa'vam nger}
> "Big Bang Theory," but he thought that was weird -- the start of it
> all isn't a theory, he said -- it's just the start of it all.  If one
> thinks the start of it all was a big explosion and that's a theory,
> then {qa'vam nger} could mean "the theory of how everything began,"
> but the Klingon phrase doesn't contain the notion of explosion.  For
> the TV Show -- whether to translate it or use the English -- that's up
> to you.
> --- end quote ---
> That said, there are four new words on the DVD itself. (One of them is
> like {muchpa'}/{much qach} in that it's a compound from words we
> already know, but three are completely new.)
> --
> De'vID
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