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[Tlhingan-hol] I wrote a Klingon to English analyzer program (not a fluent translater)

Anthony Appleyard ( [KLI Member]

<div dir="ltr">I wrote a Klingon to English analyzer program (not a fluent translater)<br>It is in Visual C++. I adapted it from a version that I wrote in Gnu C for DOS way back in the Mesozoic when Windows was only Windows 3.1. It analyzes these 3 lines:-<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 1. jul bavnIS.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 2. tlhamDajmo' tlhoS moH mojnIS.<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 3. HeDajvo' Hoch bI'nIS.<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>as:-<br>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br>1. <br>jul may mean:-<br># PP:you_sg/us &lt;l&gt;<br>&nbsp;<br>bavnIS may mean:-<br>- V:orbit VS2:need<br>.<br><br>2. <br>tlhamDajmo' may mean:-<br>- N:societal_order/structure$= NS4:his NS5:due_to<br>- N:gravity*% NS4:his NS5:due_to<br>&nbsp;<br>tlhoS may mean:-<br>- A:[almost|nearly|virtually|not_quite]=<br>&nbsp;<br>moH may mean:-<br>- V:exert_undue_influence_on$=<br>- V:be_ugly<br>&nbsp;<br>mojnIS may mean:-<br>- V:become VS2:need<br>.<br><br>3. <br>HeDajvo' may mean:-<br>- N:route_course NS4:his NS5:from<br>&nbsp;<br>Hoch may mean:-<br>- N:all<br>&nbsp;<br>bI'nIS may mean:-<br>- V:[sweep|sweep_away]= VS2:need<br>.<br><br></div><p></p>
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