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[Tlhingan-hol] I have to share ...

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

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<TITLE>I have to share ...</TITLE>
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<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">One of the beginners ta</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">king the online course has reached a lesson that requires a graded quiz, just for me to see how people are doing. The assignment is &#8220;write some sentences that could be an argument between two people.&#8221;</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca">&nbsp;<FONT FACE="Calibri"> Here&#8217;s his work.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><BR>
<FONT FACE="Calibri">be'nal: bangwI', yIHHomvam vIneH, 'IH...</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">loDnal: wejpuH. yIH'a' vImaS. HoS, Doj bIH.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">be'nal: Dap! yIHHom vIneH, DaSuq je.</FONT></SPAN></P>

<P DIR=LTR><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">be'nal: tlhIngan, vulqangan, Human joq... be' chaH...! maj, Ha', vISuq. bIQop.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><BR>
<FONT FACE="Calibri">Hemqu</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"><FONT FACE="Calibri">&#8217; Qov.</FONT></SPAN><SPAN LANG="en-ca"></SPAN></P>

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