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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Bing Translator URL

Rohan Fenwick ( [KLI Member]

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<body class='hmmessage'><div dir='ltr'><br>ghItlhpu' Michael Everson, jatlh:<br>&gt; I remain convinced that there's no reason Klingon orthography shouldn't be able to use<br>&gt; capital letters in the normal way.<br><br>"Normal" for what language? Here's an example: wa'Hu' veng jaHpu' ghawran "Gowron went to the town yesterday".<br><br>Using English rules: Wa'hu' veng jah Ghawran.<br>Using German rules: Wa'hu' Veng jah Ghawran.<br>Using Dutch rules: Wa'hu' veng jah GHawran.<br><br>Ultimately, capitalisation is pretty much arbitrary no matter what form it takes. At least in Klingon there's a solid functional reason for it (as Chris Kidder has vouched for). If you think Klingon orthography is unattractive now, wait until someone uses Dutch-style capitalisation and writes "TLHingan". To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, I think I'd sooner spork my eyes out.<br><br>taH:<br>&gt; All that needs to be done is to substitute "x" for "Q" (or to use a diacritic like q̂ or q̌)<br><br>If Klingon's orthography is to be "fixed", let's not start by adding diacritics. Klingon doesn't really have so complex a phonology as to justify it.<br><br>&gt; The most important reason to do this is the fact that q and Q are the same letter in terms of<br>&gt; data treatment on computers.<br><br>It depends on what program you're using. There are plenty of programs that are capable of case-sensitivity - Holtej's pojwI' is a great example of one that's been designed with Klingon in mind. Either way, with computer systems these days that should be less, not more, of a problem.<br><br>&gt; But you'll all grumble and tell me that you like Okrand's "weird" orthography even though it's dysfunctional. {{:-) You always do… {{:-)<br><div><br>I know you were trying to be lighthearted with this comment, but in the past you've been very careful with the use of terminology, so I have to call you out on your use of "dysfunctional" here. What is it about the orthography that's genuinely dysfunctional?<br><br>QeS<br></div> 		 	   		  </div></body>
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