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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Bing Translator URL

Seruq (

> From: Rohan Fenwick 
> ghItlhpu' Michael Everson, jatlh:
> > I remain convinced that there's no reason Klingon 
> orthography shouldn't be able to use
> > capital letters in the normal way.
> "Normal" for what language? Here's an example: wa'Hu' veng 
> jaHpu' ghawran "Gowron went to the town yesterday".
> Using English rules: Wa'hu' veng jah Ghawran.
> Using German rules: Wa'hu' Veng jah Ghawran.
> Using Dutch rules: Wa'hu' veng jah GHawran.
> Ultimately, capitalisation is pretty much arbitrary no matter 
> what form it takes. At least in Klingon there's a solid 
> functional reason for it (as Chris Kidder has vouched for). 
> If you think Klingon orthography is unattractive now, wait 
> until someone uses Dutch-style capitalisation and writes 
> "TLHingan". To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, I think 
> I'd sooner spork my eyes out.

And if we expand this beyond languages that use Latin based characters, there are multiple languages
out there that do not have any kind of capitalisation.

> > The most important reason to do this is the fact that q and 
> Q are the same letter in terms of
> > data treatment on computers.
> It depends on what program you're using. There are plenty of 
> programs that are capable of case-sensitivity - Holtej's 
> pojwI' is a great example of one that's been designed with 
> Klingon in mind. Either way, with computer systems these days 
> that should be less, not more, of a problem.

I use Linux and Unix everyday.  Q and q are completely different.  If I search for a q, I will not
get any results for a Q.

- DloraH

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