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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Bing Translator URL

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox:
> Just go to the Bing Translator and select Klingon or Klingon 
> (Kronos) as your source or destination languages. 

The program correctly translated "Bing Translator" as {bing mughwI'}, though I think I'd prefer to call its "translations" *{Bing Hol} or even better *{Bingan Hol} vs. {tlhIngan Hol})!

Hint:  As with other online translation programs - e.g. - punctuation of the source text can matter:

  Bing Translator   {bing mughwI'}
  Bing Translator.  {mughwI' bing.}

So if you're unhappy with the resulting translation, adjusting the punctuation (especially end punctuation) will sometimes yield different results.  

And in case no one has mentioned it... Bing Translator will display text in {pIqaD} if you select Klingon (Kronos).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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