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[Tlhingan-hol] questions on {-ghach} and {-meH}

Ruben Molina (

Hi everyone,

I haven't tried to write anything in klingon in a long long time, so I
tried tonight and I got a few questions...

Although I have the impression that {-ghach} is not really recommended
(is that true?) I tried to use it anyway...

{veQ boStaHghach Hemey 'oghtaH 'ej qatlhDa'mey patmey je biQ
watlhmoHghach patmey utlhtaH 'e' jonwI'pu' 'ampaSDaq vIghojta'}

1) Am I understanding correctly the usage of {-ghach}? I was trying to
render "collection" and "purification", BTW.

Now, I tried to avoid using {'e'} and to rework the sentence using
{-meH}, and (after a few cosmetic changes) I got this:

{veQ boStaHghach Hemey 'ogh 'ej qatlhDa'mey patmey je biQ atlhmoHghach
patmey mutlhmeH jonwI'pu' 'ampaSDaq jIqeqpu'}

2) Is {-meH} in the right place here? Should I put it on {'ogh}
instead? Should I put it in both verbs?

*) bonus question: Is there a commonly used expression for
"engineering"? I can imagine something like {jonwI' Qap} would do it,
but would like to know if there is a better/more common option...

Thanks a lot,

PS: yep, I just put and apostrophe in my name, let's see... {ru'} be
temporary (n), {ben} years ago (n), ... uhmm... temporary since years
ago? like a permanent beta? or a cracked trial version? I like it.

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