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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Iron Man vs. Man of Steel

De'vID (

QeS 'utlh:
> In the case of "Iron Man", since it's a literal suit of armour that's being
> referred to by the title, it's this one that I'd choose to render as {baS
> loD}.

I hope they don't make another movie about the DC character Steel:
"Steel (John Henry Irons), also known as the Man of Iron, is a
fictional character, a superhero in the DC Universe."

But if I see the name/title {baS loD} without any other context (other
than that it's a superhero character), I'm inclined to interpret it as
"Iron Man".

QeS 'utlh:
> In the case of "Man of Steel", Superman himself is not made of steel
> (quSwIjDaq jIba'); it's a metaphor. Why not borrow a similar one from
> Klingon? We have the simile {HoSghaj; mupwI' rur} "as powerful as a hammer"
> from KGT (p.129), so what about {mupwI' loD} or {mupwI' rurbogh loD}?

Do'Ha', Dochvam tu'lu':

(mupwI' loD pong Danmo' Do'Ha'... 'ej tu'lu'mo' Do'Ha'. :-) )


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