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RE: U.S.Daq jIHtaH

Steven Boozer (

>>> I arrived in Las Vegas this afternoon, and will be here for three
>>> days and thereafter in Los Angeles for a week. If anyone in either of
>>> those areas is interested in having an informal qepHom, even if just for a
>>> coffee or meal, let me know either via the list or by email directly.

>> An appropriate venue for such meeting would be Quark's Bar and
>> Restaurant at The Las Vegas Hilton's STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE
>> ( ... assuming it's still in business, of 
>> course.  Does anybody know? I just checked the website and got
>> a "Broken link" error message.

>> The Star Trek Experience Closed Last year.
>> No word on if it will reopen somewhere else.

> has a story on 2/26/09 in which they state tha they have
>confirmed that a contract has been signed with CBS/Paramount to reopen
>Star Trek The Experience and move it downtown to the Neonopolis Center.
>Originally they had wanted to open it in phases with the first phase
>opening at the same time as the new movie but that didn't happen.

>That rumor has been going around..
>My spies tell me that no work has been started and none is going to in
>the foreseeable future.

FWIW according to WikiPedia, it's supposed to re-open in 2010: 

See also the article at: 

Canon Master of the Klingons

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