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U.S.Daq jIHtaH

Rohan F (

DaHjaj ram laS veghaSDaq vIpawpu'. qaStaHvIS wej jaj jIHtaH; qaSpu'DI' wej jajvetlh, qaStaHvIS wa' tera' Hogh Los AngelesDaq jIHchoHtaH. Sepmeyvetlh Dab 'Iv? maqIH jIH 'Iv je? (chaq qa'vIn wItlhutlh, chaq chab wISop.)

I arrived in Las Vegas this afternoon, and will be here for three days and thereafter in Los Angeles for a week. If anyone in either of those areas is interested in having an informal qepHom, even if just for a coffee or meal, let me know either via the list or by email directly.

QeS 'utlh

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