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RE: U.S.Daq jIHtaH

Steven Boozer (

QeS 'utlh:
>I arrived in Las Vegas this afternoon, and will be here for three days
>and thereafter in Los Angeles for a week. If anyone in either of those
>areas is interested in having an informal qepHom, even if just for a
>coffee or meal, let me know either via the list or by email directly.

An appropriate venue for such meeting would be Quark's Bar and Restaurant at The Las Vegas Hilton's STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE (  >From the 1998 ST:E Communique:

  quwargh tach Qe' je qoDDaq Hov leng Soj DatIv.
  Enjoy Star Trek themed food and drink at Quark's Bar and Restaurant

... assuming it's still in business, of course.  Does anybody know?  I just checked the website and got a "Broken link" error message.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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