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RE: Relative clause in a relative clause

Steven Boozer (

>Thanks, that helps with that sentence. Do you have any information on the
>double -bogh phrase I wrote?

Well, I answered the easy one first. <g> 

>>Can you use a relative clause in another relative clause?
>>  HoHbogh tlhIngan (the Klingon that died)

First, {HoHbogh tlhIngan} means "the Klingon that kills/killed".  "The Klingon that died" would be {Heghpu'bogh tlhIngan}:

KGT 163:  The normal way to say be dead, referring to a person or animal, is by using the form {Heghpu'} ("has died"):  {Heghpu' SuvwI'} ("The warrior has died"). It is not appropriate to say {SuvwI' Qop} ("dead warrior, worn-out warrior").

and we have an example:

  Heghpu'bogh latlhpu' ghuHmoH bey.  ghoS tlhIngan SuvwI' maq. 
  This yell... serves to warn the other dead that a Klingon
   warrior is coming. S31

>> *HoHbogh tlhIngan luja'chuqbogh (the klingon that died that they discuss)
>> *HoHbogh tlhIngan luja'chuqbogh vISov (I know the klingon that died that
>>   they discuss)
>>Is this valid? Is there a better way to say the last sentence?

As ghunchu'wI' has posted, there's no rule against it and I could find no examples, but I would probably avoid it.  Here are some examples of relative clauses with more than one verb (either in the Klingon or English) you may want to study for ideas:

quv Hutlh HoHbogh tlhIngan 'ach qabDaj 'angbe'bogh 
A Klingon who kills without showing his face has no honor. TKW

'ang'eghQo' quv Hutlhbogh jagh neH ghobtaHvIS ghaH 
Only an enemy without honor refuses to show himself in battle. TKW

yIntaHbogh qagh jablu'DI' reH nIvqu' qagh 
Gagh is always best when served live. TKW

yIntaHbogh tlhIngan Soj tlhol jablu'DI' tIvqu'lu' 
Klingon food is best when served fresh and live. S21

romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI' 
Romulan hunter-killer probe. KCD

SuDbogh Dargh 'ej wovbogh 
The tea that is SuD and light. KGT

loS... qIb HeHDaq, 'u' SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh lenglu'meH He
 ghoSlu'bogh retlhDaq 'oHtaH 
It waits... on the edge of the galaxy, beside a passage to
 unknown regions of the universe. S99

This will need some more thought.
Canon Master of the Klingons

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