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Re: HaSta chenmoHmeHwI'

Doq (

The {-meH} part seems a little strange. Why not just HaSta'  
chenmoHwI'? or even leghqa'meH qonwI'? Rolls off the tongue a little  
nicer, anyway.


On Sep 9, 2009, at 6:46 PM, qe'San (Jon Brown) wrote:

> I assume there's nothing canon for it but wondered if anyone uses  
> some descriptive form for camera?  Or in fact have I missed  
> something else. Failing that is there slang that some people have  
> adopted for it..
> If not I wondered if anyone else would understand if I used {HaSta  
> chenmoHmeHwI'} for {thing for creating visual display} or {camera}?
> qe'San

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