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RE: Klingon in "Don't copy that 2"

Steven Boozer (

>>> The board he's holding reads: 
>>>   De nib Da chen moH chugh / big koov Ha 
>>> The translation of the spoken line reads:  
>>>   To duplicate data is a great dishonor. 
>>> Obviously this is supposed to be: 
>>>   De' nIb DachenmoHchugh bIquvHa'
>>   "If you create identical data, you are dishonored."
>> 3. This gives us a hint on how to refer to replicating
>> things:  not *{NOUN chenqa'moH} "re-create the NOUN"
>> but *{[NOUN nIb chenmoH} "create an identical NOUN".

a west:
>So could the word for "copy" as a noun be nIbwI'?

In light of this new text, I think so.  But also "duplicate", "replicant", "clone", etc.

>How would you say "replicator"?

This is tricky.  Perhaps *{nIbmoHmeH jan) or just *{nIbmoHwI'} for short.  You may need to specify what type of replicator you're talking about:

  *Soj nIb chenmoHmeH jan
  *Soj nIbmoHmeH jan
   food replicator

There's a strong possibility that Klingons don't use food replicators and so don't have a consistent way to refer to these alien devices.  Kurn was somewhat bemused but willing to try eating the "burnt, replicated bird meat" Picard served him on the Enterprise-D (TNG "Sins of the Father").  

BTW some Klingons may well call such replicated food {Soj ngeb} "fake food".  We know they call synthehol {HIq ngeb} "fake ale" (i.e. "a term used to refer to a rather nonpotent ale, perhaps akin to near beer" [TKW 35]) which we've seen replicated routinely on Federation ships.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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