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RE: HaSta chenmoHmeHwI'

Steven Boozer (

qe'San (Jon Brown) wrote:
>I assume there's nothing canon for it but wondered if anyone uses some
>descriptive form for camera?  Or in fact have I missed something else.
>Failing that is there slang that some people have adopted for it..

I have nothing in my notes - either canon or slang.

>If not I wondered if anyone else would understand if I used {HaSta
>chenmoHmeHwI'} for {thing for creating visual display} or {camera}?

Or "person who creates visual display" (i.e. photographer, cameraman) or even a graphic designer!  You would probably have to explain it regardless.

{Hew chenmoHwI'} "sculptor" (literally, "statue creator" appears in KGT (p.79).  With that as a model, I've also seen *{mu'tay' chenmoHwI'} "lexicographer" and *{qa'vIn chenmoHwI'} "coffee maker" on the list.

But if you use {-wI'}, drop {-meH} and add a subject.  "Purpose nouns" require a noun to be the *subject* of the phrase:  e.g. {ghojmeH taj} a boy's knife ("knife for learning"); {pe'meH taj} cutting knife; {DevmeH paq} guidebook; {vutmeH 'un} flat-bottomed pot for food preparation; {QongmeH Duj} sleeper ship; {ngongmeH Duj} experimental (prototype) ship; {qa'meH vIttlhegh} replacement proverb; {SopmeH pa'} dining/eating room; {bachlu'meH chuqna'} effective range; {chenmoHlu'meH Daq} construction site.

There are also examples with additional object nouns:  {HoS QaymeH 'och} power transfer conduit; {Soj polmeH pa'} food storage (both from the BOP Poster).

So you could say either:

  *{HaSta chenmoHwI'}     "thing/person that creates (a) visual display"
  *{HaSta chenmoHmeH jan} "device for creating (a) visual display"

But instead of {chenmoH} "build, form, make, create", consider {qon} "record":

  *{HaSta qonwI'}     "visual display recorder"
  *{HaSta qonmeH jan} "device for recording a visual display"

A third option is to use {-bogh} as Okrand did in KCD:  {romuluSngan Sambogh 'ej HoHbogh nejwI'} "hunter-killer" (i.e. a Romulan assassin probe, also called a {HoHwI'} for short).  

Whichever you choose, once you've established the context you would probably just use the simple {-wI'} form for short - either {chenmoHwI'} or {qonwI'} - unless you're talking about more than one type of recording device (e.g. cameras vs. sound recorders).

Canon Master of the Klingons

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