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RE: *Qayton*

blake.turner (

At the risk of over-obsessing, in regards to that Farscape quote...

According to a transcript posted here <>, the "Klingon" is supposed to "roughly translate as, "HEY! BUTTMUNCH! LOOK OVER HERE!"

IMDb's trivia page on this episode reports that, "At one point Crichton yells at the intruder to get off the ship in Klingon. Ben Browder [the lead, John Crichton] saw the actors in their make up and asked Richard Manning, one of the producers, for some Klingon. He told the director he would be yelling the line in Klingon. He didn't tell Raelee Hill [a co-star], so that was her real reaction when he yelled out the line."

According to what appears to be an official script, available here <>, there is no actual Klingon dialogue given. Instead we are given a winking reference in the stage directions (or whatever they are called in teleplays): "She starts badly beside him when he shouts down at the pirates in a familiar sounding alien language." (It turns out the alien antagonists in this episode resemble Klingons more than a little.) So it also might have been just an improvisational homage cooked up by the actor.

However, Richard Manning, the producer named above, was also apparently involved
in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine series... a list of the
episodes he was involved in can be found here:
Apparently, he was the story editor on "Heart of Glory" (not being very
familiar with the show, this is the only Klingon-heavy episode title I
recognize). So it's not entirely impossible that he might have been
able to give Browder an off-the-cuff lesson based on his recollections,
but who knows.

If anyone cares, the scene can be viewed on youtube here: <>. The exact bit of dialogue comes in at about the 4:15 mark. It sounds about like the transcription given elsewhere ("NOH! PAV'HOR! HERRUCH'T!"), and again, not like any Klingon I've ever heard. But maybe that misses the point here. Cheers.


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> On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 4:52 PM,  <> wrote:
> > Crichton: (To the Grudeks): John: NOH! PAV'HOR! HERRUCH'T! (To Sikozu)You didn't get that one did you...'cause it's Klingon! A show of force is the only thing that Klingons understand.
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> >
> > The Farscape wikia page says that it's supposed to mean something like ?Get the hell off of my ship!? Granted, I just started studying Klingon, but this doesn't really look like it to me... maybe a bad transcription?
> A *very* bad transcription. It's possible that someone wrote down
> {DoH! pa'vo' yIghoS!}, or some suitably pronouncable version of it,
> for the actor to memorize. Or perhaps it was like the lines at the
> beginning of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where the words were
> provided on audiotape rather than paper.  Whoever did the captioning
> for the Farpoint episode did the best he could to render what he
> thought the actor said, while the actor did the best he could to speak
> what he thought he was supposed to say.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

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