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RE: *Qayton*

blake.turner (

It's from Farscape and spoken by the show's human protagonist, John Crichton (pronounced cry-tun). Specifically, it's from a season 4 episode called "Crichton Kicks." The line can be found quoted here: <> and I have pasted it below (unfortunately a cursory search didn't reveal any easy clips of the scene).

Crichton: (To the Grudeks): John: NOH! PAV'HOR! HERRUCH'T! (To Sikozu)You didn't get that one did you...'cause it's Klingon! A show of force is the only thing that Klingons understand.

The Farscape wikia page says that it's supposed to mean something like ?Get the hell off of my ship!? Granted, I just started studying Klingon, but this doesn't really look like it to me... maybe a bad transcription?

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> Greetings,
> I'm working on a collection of everything on TV that includes anything in or about Klingon. Please tell me what you know to add:
> - Simpsons, "My big fat geek wedding" (Season 15, Episode 17)
> - Frasier speaking Klingon
> - "Klingon Boggle" in ???
> - ...
> Does anyone remember the name of the series where someone called "Crayton" or so said "You didn't understand that, right? Because it's Klingon!" I don't know how you spell his name, and  can't remember the show.
> thanks,
>   Quvar.
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