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Re: Comparatives

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Steven Boozer wrote:
> Christopher Doty:
>>> Wait, then how do you do other aspects, e.g., "We used to be more
>>> fortunate than you, but aren't anymore"??
> ghunchu'wI':
>> The comparative/superlative construction is very rigid. It doesn't 
>> carry aspect, qualification, honorifics, or basically anything else
>>  that would go on the verb of a regular sentence. The *only* verb 
>> suffix explicitly permitted is {-be'}.
>> For your particular example, I would make it more specific and 
>> substitute time for aspect. cha' wen maH Do' law' tlhIH Do' puS.
>> DaHjaj maH Do'be' law' tlhIH Do'be' puS.}
> Except for the variations provided in my previous post, the way to
> modify a law'/puS formula is to preface it with an introductory
> clause, place- or time-stamp (as ghunchu'wI' did) which I've marked
> with angle brackets:

Although not attested in canon, another common way to modify a law'/puS 
sentence is to use it as the object of another sentence.

As a command:

    SoH HoS law' jIH HoS puS 'e' yIqaSmoH!
    Make yourself stronger than me!


    SoH HoS law' jIH HoS puS 'e' vIHon.
    I doubt you're stronger than me.

    SoH HoS law' jIH HoS puS net Sov.
    Everyone knows you're stronger than me.


    SoH HoS law' jIH HoS puS 'e' vIpoQ.
    I need you to be stronger than me.

Others are possible. You can't modify it with aspect, though, because 
you're not allowed to put a Type 7 suffix on the second verb of a 
sentence-as-object construction.

tlhIngan Hol MUSH

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