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RE: tlhIngan porgh

Steven Boozer (

Fiat Knox:
>> What would "pathology" be, then? *HeghQeD*?

lay'tel SIvten:
>I don't think so. First, how do you define "pathology"? To me it has more
>to do with study of disease than study of death.
>And in any case, it would likely be two words, Hegh QeD, not a compound,
>at least until canon for it appears.

Fiat Knox:
>> rop QeD for the study of disease, tar QeD for the study of poisons, and
>> Hegh QeD for the study of death.  That'll do for me.

TKD 9:  Three groups of words in particular are, for the most part, unrepresented: scientific terminology... Terms associated with the various sciences are the subject of a special study, and a report is currently being prepared.

Of the names of the five "canonical" sciences, four are one-word compounds:

  HolQeD 		linguistics (KGT)
  HuchQeD 		economics (KGT) 
  nughQeD 		sociology (approved by MO per Yens Wahlgren, 1/18/05)
  porghQeD 	the scientific study of bodily functions (HQ 12.4)

and the fifth is a noun-noun phrase, itself formed from the noun-noun phrase {Hov leng} "Star Trek":

  Hov leng QeD 	Treknology (STC)

Based on this pattern, I generally opt for the one-word option when I need to refer to one of the sciences.  In fact, I've seen a whole slew of these on the List over the years, e.g.:

*be'QeD 		gynaecology
*bIQQeD 		hydrology
*bomQeD 		poetics
*chanQeD 		orientalism
*DepQeD 		zoology
*De'wI'QeD 	computer science, cybernetics
*ghewQeD 		entomology
*ghItlhQeD 	epigraphy
*ghorQeD 		geography
*HapQeD 		chemistry
*HovQeD 		astronomy
*naghQeD 		geology
*naHQeD 		botany, horticulture
*pIghQeD 		archaeology
*pu'jInQeD 	cartography
*qo'QeD 		geography
*qunQeD 		historiography
*tarQeD 		toxicology
*veSQeD 		military science
*yabQeD 		psychology (KLI)
*yInQeD 		biology
*yuQQeD 		planetology
'u'QeD 		cosmology, astrophysics

But in the absence of specific canon, it's still a matter of personal taste.

Canon Master of the Klingons

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