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RE: Safe Auto Commercial

Steven Boozer (

I saw it again yesterday, and if I heard correctly the actor is saying what sounds like:

  /Hock doo/
which is probably supposed to be:

  HoH Duy!

So, it appears as though some writer just looked up words in TKD and plugged them into the English sentence "Kill the agent!"  Too bad.

Canon Master of the Klingons

>> Just saw a Safe Auto ad where this guy ends up saying something in
>> Klingon.  I didn't hear what he said due to screaming children,
>> but the screen clearly said "Klingon".  Anybody catch it?

Voragh (11/02/2009):
>I saw it twice over the weekend.  I couldn't understand what the actor
>said, but it sounded like only a couple of syllables including one that
>*may* have been {HoH} (a clipped {yIHoH}?).  The subtitle on the screen
>  KLINGON: [Eliminate the middleman.]
>*If* Okrand had anything to do with this - and he might well have since
>SafeAuto is a national insurance company - I would expect something like:
>  Duy (yI)HoH!
>  Kill the agent/emissary!
>  *'oSwI' (yI)HoH!
>  Kill the representative!
>Hopefully someone can record and listen to this line carefully.  For
>those watching for it, the commercial begins with the Rocket Scientist
>Guy signing for a package at his front door.  This is an "Alien Dialect
>Simulator" which he unwraps and sets up in his lab: it's a helmet plus
>microphone contraption which he puts on his head.  He says a few phrases
>in English, repeating each one translated into various "alien dialects"
>including Klingon (which comes about 2/3 of the way into the commercial).
>FYI: has archived 44 of its commercials at:
>Unfortunately this new one hasn't been uploaded yet.  Stay tuned.

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